Top solution for modern plant and soil nutrition

Maxi Grow strives to enhance the agriculture industry through the science of plant production. We work with major and minor crops, fruits, vegetables, ornamental plants, turf glass, golf courses and garden centers. We are an innovative horticulture specialist company and specializes in Landscape design, landscape development, maintenance, nurseries plants, flowers, vegetables, fruit seeds, compost, potting soil, coco peat, peat moss potting, mulch and top soil. We seek sustainable solutions in horticulture research to increase health and quality of life for the world.

We are also contributing at a large scale for developing and improving the production lines to fulfill the need of market.

MaxiGrow is a trusted brand of US which helps farmers globally in soil and plant nutrition. Our few products are manufactured in Pakistan.

Products of MaxiGrow target all types of soil, agri-zones and specially tailored for targeting crops.

GAM&A has foliar and granular products. These are administered after a careful analysis of each acre by our team of globally renowned experts. We have a team of experts who work with modern drones for monitoring, analysis and application of the fertilizers for targeted use.

Our most popular registered products are;