GSEM is a part of GAM&A group (registered in Pakistan since 2012 & South Africa 2021) representing the telecom services.

We have developed wide range of expertise such as planning, optimization, configuration and Human Resource Consultancy.

Vision: Our vision is to help our clients achieve network excellence and best quality by getting value through our diverse knowledge and experience supported by our team of highly skilled local as well as global pool of resources

Mission: GSEM is committed to offer its clients innovative, top quality and cost-effective solutions to achieve common business goals. We are dedicated to build strong and long-lasting relationships with our clients through close coordination, honest approach and the desire to create a win-win model

Resources: GSEM has local and remote pool of qualified resources that strive to deliver the best. Concurrently knowledge transfer is also part of our process to ensure local on-site team continues to enhance its skillset.

RF Network Planning

  • Site Surveys
  • Candidate Evaluation
  • Physical Design and Implementation
  • Radio parameter database preparation

Single Site Optimization

  • On-air verification
  • Pre-launch cluster drive test
  • Single Site Verification
  • Parameter baseline
  • Single site KPI assurance
  • Coverage optimization
  • Retuning of new site and immediate neighbours
  • Traffic balancing with integration of new site

Cluster Redesign/Optimization

  • Cluster pre-drive test
  • Post processing and reporting
  • Coverage/Quality improvement proposal through Physical and logical recommendations
  • Sector swap identification
  • Implementation through configuration management and on-site
  • Cluster post drive test
  • Final Cluster Optimization Report


  • OMO Benchmarking for Voice & Data
  • Routine cluster drives
  • Analysis and Recommendations

RF Network Performance Management & Improvement

  • Cluster/area-based performance monitoring
  • Worst cell analysis
  • Hardware issues Identification (path imbalance, VSWR, partial swap etc)
  • Interference analysis and identification
  • Optimization proposals based on capacity/coverage
  • Baseline parameter audits

Network Configuration Management

  • New-site creation
  • Layer Expansion
  • Carrier aggregation/MIMO/CSFB/IRAT configurations
  • Baseline alignment configuration
  • Intra-RAT and Inter-RAT nbr management
  • Remote troubleshooting Procedures (PIM/VSWR/Cross-feeder/FFT scanning etc)

Human Resource Consultancy

  • GSEM also functions as a human resource provider based on specific skillset requirements
  • These include resources including 5G experience as well
  • We have partnerships with international payroll companies to manage international consultants for both on-site and off-site models
  • We also take responsibility to ensure relevant resources are working on the given project to achieve top of the line delivery