• Your Partner in Innovative and Sustainable Growth since 1995

We trust that consistent gains in productivity and profits can only be achieved through good stewardship of our environment.

We believe that consistency of production and profits can only be achieved through good care of our environment, Global Assets Management and Associates Inc. (GAM&A) was founded and incorporated in 1995 in the US and got registered in Pakistan in 2012.

GAM&A has a group of highly professional, experienced and competent personnel who have diversified experience in their areas of expertise and have gained respect and repute through their commitment, determination and hard work.

We provide good governance for the growing concerns, gender main streaming, environmental and social management framework, poverty alleviation, training & research and have the caliber and capacity to incorporate these crosscutting themes in all areas where it is required. GAM&A has always been able to provide excellent services to ensure the satisfaction of clients and quality control. Team of GAM&A is vital in its approach regarding the assignments of consultancy and updated according to the changing market trends and infrastructure development. GAM&A has the potential and capabilities to keep pace with changing demands of modern consultancy practices. GAM&A facilitates with professional services as a team as well as an individual from its panel of national and international associates & consultants. GAM&A has affiliates in America, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. It forms a group of an international group which are highly skilled, intellectual and backed by modern means of computing, reporting and quality control services.


Dairy & Livestock



Peshgam Pakistan


Be a leader in improving productivity and profitability with a value chain focus through sustainable & inclusive innovation.


  • Growing together with our partners as a team
  • Highest ethical standard maintenance
  • Modern and sustainable solutions
  • Enabling Prosperous Communities
  • Admiring environment and stewardship
  • Development of rural areas
  • Building a just, equitable and a sustainable society


The main aim of GAM&A is to serve their clients with professionalism, responsibility and skills according to technological and scientific improvements.

We deliver solutions that are based on science and effective alternatives to produce agricultural spanning cops, livestock and assets management by applying unified technology and resource optimization. GAM&A has always been committed for improving social and economic environment around its area of work.
We have always contributed to add value to the biodiversity and its sustainable growth.


  • GAM&A operations are managed through Chief Executive Officer (CEO), who directly interacts with the board of directors and implements board decisions and initiatives and to maintain the smooth operation of the firm.
  • GAM&A has two partner organizations in Pakistan. Ajwa Flour and General Mills, a flour mill located in Sundar, 20 Kms south of Lahore. This business processes flour and allied products for Pakistani and to the export markets.
  • World Life Organization is a registered non for profit organization in Pakistan since 2008 and is a sister concern of GAM&A. WLO’s mandate is to achieve a sustainable economic impact, overcome poverty, improve healthcare, provide education and training, improve the standards of living, facilitate community development for lasting economic growth, while encouraging better care of the environment. Keeping a focus on the ideology of freedom, responsibility and tolerance.
  • GSEM is a part of GAM&A group (registered in Pakistan since 2012 & South Africa 2021) representing the telecom services. We have developed wide range of expertise such as planning, optimization, configuration and Human Resource Consultancy

Global Assets Management & Associates Inc. (GAM&A) was established and incorporated in the US in 1995 and In 2012, GAM&A Privately Limited was registered in Pakistan under Section 32 of the Companies Ordinance, 1984 (XLVII of 1984) with Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP).