With the global population gone above 8 billion, the stress on the animal based food has gone overwhelming. We need better genetics and better feeds to get the best possible conversion factors to cut the production costs.

Animal feeding is a science and we have a strong team of animal nutritionists who give the producers and we produce best grade feed and fodder at our owned facilities and also ensure a consistent supply of the quality products from our partner locations.

GAMA is pioneer is the production of Corn Silage in Pakistan and have been exporting its products to the GCC region since 2005. Our product line provide solutions to the large farms and even one animal owner. We provide minerals, concentrates, multiple hays, fodder crops, cereals and grains, natural salt, molasses, targeting birds, poultry, livestock, dairy, horses, Camel, Sheep and Goat.

GAMA strives to provide best quality hays that provide high nutrition and digestibility that you value the most. We specializes in dealing with multiple hays such as Rhodes grass, Alfalfa, Timothy hay, Bermuda grass, clover, oat, orchard grass, wheat straw and barley.

We work with the demand of the consumers and source the products from various parts of the world according to the seasons, quality and price. Our primary sources of the hay are the US, Pakistan, Spain, Sudan, South Africa, Mozambique and the South America.

The quality of all grass hay has much more to do with management than with variety. Timeliness of harvest, proper drying, soil fertility levels and weed control are the most important factors affecting hay quality. Here at GAMA, Our goal is to produce hay that contains a moderate crude protein level and a low acid detergent fiber level. This will result in a highly palatable, highly digestible product that will help maintain your valuable animal’s body condition and reduce the incidence of any digestive problems.

GAMA is the pioneer in silage production in Pakistan. We have been producing corn silage from our own fields in the Nilibar region of the Punjab.

We have been producing corn silage with the partnership of DuPont Pioneer, Cortiva since 2005. Our silage is packed in 1 MT bales for commercial dairy farms and we have automated packing facility for packing 25-30 Kg bags for smaller consumers.

GAMA owns Ajwa Flour and general mills in Lahore, Pakistan from where quality wheat bran is packed and exported to various markets.

Currently we have contract with Mombasa Maize Millers MMM for few major buyers in bulk shipments. Wheat bran comes in two grades, human and animal consumption.

We are partners with Bailey farms in the US for the supply of Alfalfa hay.

Utah is known for higher quality hays and we are committed to provide high grade alfalfa hay to our customers for horse, dairy animals, camels and ruminants. We also provide alfalfa pellets as per the demand of the customers

The Bailey Farms International is owned and operated by the Bailey’s family in Utah, USA.

We are happy to work with Steve as his commitment to the quality and customer care ideology matches with our principles. We do not compromise on quality to insure that our customers can trust us on each feeding to their animals.