The American Pakistani chamber of commerce Inc (APCC) is based in Orlando Florida. It promotes and provides a platform for the American Pakistani business owners and professionals to connect and acquire knowledge and skills so they can make a valuable contribution to the US and Pakistani economies.

It connects businesses from Pakistan and the U.S who wish to promote their products for imports and exports, so they can establish mutually beneficial and profitable business relationships. The American Pakistani business and professional community is very diverse and prosperous and APCC provides leadership and guidance so they can grow and prosper more and make a significant contribution to their economies. We are the leading voice for community, economic and civic engagements at the local, state and national level so our rights and interests are taken into account when policy is being discussed that affects us.

APCC also promotes the bilateral relations and endeavors to foster a spirit of goodwill and unity amongst the community by arranging meetings at the highest level of leadership between the U.S and Pakistan through trade visits, expos,seminars, networking activities with local and regional chambers and other groups. It provides a great networking platform for members to enhance their businesses and services.

We strive to provide maximum visibility, trust and ease of doing business for your businesses/services in the United States of American and Pakistan through our platform.